Welcome home (lazy boy)!

It has been a long time since my last post. It was in December. Oh crap! No. Actually it was in November. So, I have been lazy updating my blog for almost 3 months. Just believe it...
I dont know exactly, what (or maybe who) was the reason that make me disappear for almost 3 months. I was (or maybe "I am") just lazy. Ummm.. I want to tell you... there was so many thing in my head when I'm getting lazy to open this blog. There were so many story I want to share here. I wanted to write them here, but my hand didn't. So just like your guess, they're just lost. 

But the most important thing is, I'm getting back now. And this is the first post in this 2013. So, Welcome home (lazy boy)!

*psssttt... Sorry for my poor English. This is my first English post. I'm just learning it now. Lazy boy... 

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  1. Selamat datang nak :)

  2. Sama om, gue juga sempet ngilang dari dunia maya, padahal gue idupnya disono --a

  3. Sama gan, padahal ane hidupnya di dunia maya --a


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